for the last week or so, i have been feeling an over-whelming sense of anxiety. i have a lot of things planned for the next couple of months & the stress of it all has been getting to me a lot lately, but i’ll fill you in on the one biggest stress that i’ve been […]

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june 8th 2017.

alone. scared. failure. lost. heartbroken. stressed. these are the only feelings that i feel now.   in the last couple of months, i have developed the most over-whelming sense of feminism. i’ve always been a bit of a feminist, but not quite this strong. i’m currently at a point where i know i don’t need […]

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i hate him. i fucking hate him. i hate him so fucking much. i want to punch him right in his big dumb face. before i start with this, i need to mention that i have a couple of girl friends, but i mainly get along with and am friends with guys. this isn’t a […]

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the break-up.

oh my god, i get myself into some situations. i did it, i broke up with “eric”.   i did it on the fourth day into our trip overseas while we were staying at his parents house. it was terrifying. i didn’t want to do it at that point in time, but he forced me […]

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the camping trip. 

camping. on fraser island. an island in australia that is infested with wild dingos, thousands of horse flies, goana’s, crows, geckos and lizards. with no toilet. with hardly any cellphone reception. hundreds of km’s away from anything. one night down, three more to go. this is how i’m currently spending my holiday, counting down the […]

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the heartbreak dilema.

i fucked up. i have messed up so terribly that i don’t know how to get myself out of this. the last thing that i wanted was for this to happen, and now the last thing that i want is to hurt anyone, but it’s not that simple. so, you know the guy that i […]

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