summer loving.

okay, so i know that summer doesn’t officially start for another two weeks, but it’s beginning to feel a lot like it here in little new zealand. i’ve just spent the afternoon at the beach after kindly being given the afternoon off of work from my boss & as i write this, i’m sitting out on the deck in a bikini: wine in one hand, phone in the other & the summer jams pumping out of the speakers.


i can’t even begin to explain my love for summer. i am such a beach baby, i constantly have sand in my hair and salt on my skin. the beach is where i go when i’m happy, sad, confused, angry, and just need to re-collect myself and my thoughts. it’s my happy place. when i go there, i remember crazy summer days when i was younger & spent the summer school holidays there. the coke fest’s, the new year’s eve parties, the final days of year 12 playing beach volleyball, the nights that we’d get bored and walk down to the beach, just watching the waves roll in and out, lit by only the light of the moon.


then there’s the parties. oh how i love late, hot nights spent getting absolutely trashed with friends. hot bodies all rubbing up against each other while dancing to the greatest hits, smiles on our faces, laughing the night away slut-dropping on the pole at bhut with my girlfriends. flirting with the hot, tanned, shirtless boys with effortless hair and their chain necklace. i always fall for that type. then “yeah” by usher comes on in the club, and everyone loses it. doing countless shots one-after the other, dressed in the shortest, skin tight dress that you can find in your wardrobe. and not remembering a single thing in the morning.


oh and the gorgeous afternoons around the barbecue, talking about old memories, with a few ice cold corona’s sitting on icy in the chilly bin (in new zealand, that means about four 18 boxes of corona crammed into one chilly bin between four people). especially on crate day. omg, if you’re not from new zealand or australia, you will not understand just how glorious crate day is. crate day is always celebrated on the first saturday of summer (this year being the 3rd of december), and the challenge of it is to drink a whole crate of beer to yourself during the day with your best mates.


i could talk about so many other things i love about summer, but now that i’m on about my fifth glass of wine, i had better stop before i get all sappy. i just want to say one more thing. i cannot wait for the excitement of this summer, and all of the new hot, shirtless guys that will get me into so much trouble will bring.


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