soul mate.

i’m writing this as a message to not only myself, but to everyone else out there that is feeling down about not finding their soul mate yet.


please, please, please don’t think that you have to be in love right now. please don’t be upset that you haven’t found your one true love to come home to every night. please don’t think that there’s anything wrong with you because you don’t have one person that romantically will never leave your side. it’s okay.


love is an incredible, amazing, twisted, crazy, roller-coaster of a thing that has mysterious ways of sneaking up to you. yes, you have been in love before and it’s one of the happiest feelings on earth; being able to love someone and be loved in return is incredible. just because those other douche-bags in the past couldn’t continue to give you the love that you deserve, it does not mean that someone else won’t. there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, baby.


he will come along one day. you may meet him tomorrow, you may meet him in five years’ time, you may meet him when you’re fifty years old. you may meet him while you’re out on your lunch break, you may meet him in the fruit & vege section of the grocery store, you may meet him while out with friends, you never know. just because you haven’t met someone already, does not mean you will not meet someone else.


and if you’re feeling like you’ll never meet someone, please remember that you don’t need a man (or woman) to make you happy. as long as you continue to be happy with yourself, and love the crap out of your own smile, the amazing sound of your laughter, the earth beneath your feet, and the air all around you, you do not need someone else. if you’re feeling lonely, get a dog (or a cat, they look after themselves far better).


please don’t feel like you need someone else to create your future with, you are so much stronger than that.


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