crate disaster.

saturday the third of december 2016 was crate day in new zealand. it was also the day that my younger sister wrote her car off. with a car full of passengers. one of them has fractured his collar bone as a result of the crash. the police were called. my younger sister will more than likely lose her licence now. she was not drunk, she was not texting, she was driving twenty kmph under the speed limit.
i can’t explain the worry that i felt, the fear that came over me when i got that phone call from my father at 8:32am on sunday the fourth of december 2016. he told me that my seventeen year old sister had wrote her little red car off at 10:27pm the night before, 8klm’s up the road from my house, and had been in hospital all night. i immediately felt so intensely upset and tried to call my sister, but she didn’t answer.
i called mum, only to find out that dad wasn’t supposed to tell me, no one wanted me to find out. i felt so hurt by this. why would no one (other than my father) tell me what had happened to my little sister? she’s my bestfriend, the person that i tell everything to, and i thought that she knew that she could tell me anything aswell. so why hadn’t she told me about this?
two hours later, her and her friends came to pick me up and take me up to the crash site. they had moved the car to a friend’s house, 500 metres up the road the night before, but there was still glass everywhere. we picked up pieces of her car (door handles, seat belt retractors, a mirror) out of the grass, and looked at the skid marks on the road, trying to work out what had caused the car to flip.
we drove up to the house to look at the car. it was haunting. there was shattered glass all through-out the car, the whole rear window was gone, the roof was caved in, and the front windshield was caved in so badly right where my sister’s head would have been. to think that my little sister and her friends were in that car when it turned into the mess that it is right now, is terrifying.


i am so incredibly grateful that they are all alright and walking around happy and healthy today. my little sister does have to face court soon, but i’m praying that she will not lose her licence. i can’t imagine what she’s going through. please remember to always drive safely and cherish your loved ones. you never know when the last time you see them may be.


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