mr. right.

three weeks ago, i met him. our first time meeting and our first date, going on a little roadtrip an hour out of town together to meet up with some of our mutual friends. we’d been set-up by one of those mutual friends who had texted me one day saying that this new man “is actually a decent guy” and “we would be so good together”. so far, he’s not wrong.


we went on a few dates after that one roadtrip. i had never gone on proper dates with someone that i’d never met before, getting to know someone from scratch. i have been having the most incredible time getting to know this amazing human: learning all about his life, his goals, his fears, his past, the places he wants to visit, how he behaves in certain situations, what he looks like crying into my shoulder at 4:00am. i know so much about this man, and he knows a lot about me. on christmas day, he asked me to be his girlfriend.
i’m terrified. i am so incredibly scared because he makes me so insanely happy and i’m scared that i’ll completely open up to him and he’ll leave, and take my heart with him. i’ve never found someone so much like me before, someone with the same dreams & values as i have in life, and that scares me. he is the most kind-hearted, gentle, caring, and adventurous guy that i’ve ever met. he’s so open to going out and trying new things, no matter what anyone thinks of him.

all fear aside, i’m so incredibly happy and grateful that he has stepped into my life & made such an amazing impact on it. i’m excited to see what the future holds for us and will be keeping you updated on our crazy little adventures.


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