the camping trip. 

camping. on fraser island. an island in australia that is infested with wild dingos, thousands of horse flies, goana’s, crows, geckos and lizards. with no toilet. with hardly any cellphone reception. hundreds of km’s away from anything. one night down, three more to go. this is how i’m currently spending my holiday, counting down the days until i’m back to normal civilisation.

to say that i’m a “city girl” would be the biggest understatement of the century. my perfect day consists of waking up in my big, comfy white bed with my cat curled up beside me, scrolling instagram, pinterest & tumblr for a couple of hours, eventually venturing out of bed to hop in the bath with a lush bath bomb and cup of coffee, getting ready in my own time, taking a few selfies, heading out to get eggs bend and starbucks for brunch, doing a butt-load of shopping, then heading back to my big, comfy bed with my cat again. so for me to be out on an island right now is a massive surprise.

i know that not many people get to see and experience the australian wildlife like this, and i should be grateful, but this is not me. i hate having no reception more than anything, i love being connected to the world and know what’s going on. having a shower in under 2 minutes? not my thing at all. having to pee in a hole in the ground, then cover it up with sand, not happening. not being able to go anywhere on my own, incase i see a wild dingo and it tries to attack me. get me off of this island.

then, to go along with that problem, i am a total clean freak, so having my body constantly covered in sweat (it’s like 28 degrees celsius here & is super humid), dust, sand, and insect repellent, is not a holiday for me. having thousands of horse flies flying around me nearly sends me into an anxiety attack from my terrible claustrophobia. plus, i am still faced with the problem that i talked about in my last blog post. you know, the one where i talked about me not having feelings for my current boyfriend anymore. i can’t even begin to explain how hard it is for me to not say anything when he’s trying to cuddle up to me at night or be all cute and touchy-freely when i’m not feeling it at all. i cannot wait for the next leg of our trip: when we get to surfers paradise and i can spend the day away from him, with no awkward situations, proper cellphone reception, and as much shopping as my little heart desires.


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