crate disaster.

saturday the third of december 2016 was crate day in new zealand. it was also the day that my younger sister wrote her car off. with a car full of passengers. one of them has fractured his collar bone as a result of the crash. the police were called. my younger sister will more than […]

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soul mate.

i’m writing this as a message to not only myself, but to everyone else out there that is feeling down about not finding their soul mate yet.   please, please, please don’t think that you have to be in love right now. please don’t be upset that you haven’t found your one true love to come home […]

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summer loving.

okay, so i know that summer doesn’t officially start for another two weeks, but it’s beginning to feel a lot like it here in little new zealand. i’ve just spent the afternoon at the beach after kindly being given the afternoon off of work from my boss & as i write this, i’m sitting out […]

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it’s for me.

i went back-and-forth with myself a few times on whether or not i should write this post, especially as the first post on this blog. i didn’t know whether he deserved to have something written about him. i eventually realised that writing this isn’t for him, it’s for me. i needed to get these thoughts […]

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